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Studio Classes

Beginner's Yoga

Tue & Thu 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

At Energy Yoga & Wellness Center
11402 NW 41 Street, Suite 225
Doral, FL 33178

Prenatal Yoga

Sundays 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

At Energy Yoga & Wellness Center

11402 NW 41 Street, Suite 225 Doral, FL 33178

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Private Therapy Sessions
Have a special need or need to work on a specific issue, illness, symptom?  
Contact me for a private therapy session. Class will be accomodated to treat your needs.

$60 - single session

$200 - 4 sessions

Contact me for your first 
private class.
Corporate Therapy Yoga
Attention employers:
Your employees spend hours and hours working for you.  They work to meet your goals, and deadlines, to care for your business, while earning a living.  Many times they sacrifice their own health to meet these goals.  
Sitting in front of a desk, standing on their feet all day, eating unhealthy fast foods, and stress itself are just a few of the ways we abuse our bodies, and minds. Unfortunately, it is part of the way we do business.
But the key is to find balance!
As hard as we work, we must take care of ourselves.
I specialize in creating a Yoga Therapy Class, based on the key issues at risk, depending on your line of business.
I create a class that treats common symptoms and complaints among your staff.  I also teach and encourage corrective behaviors, all while creating a team building activity that is light and fun for your staff.
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